15 Feb

crochet spring garland


photograph by Emma Sekhon

…bring spring inside to adorn a table, tie back a curtain or decorate a mirror… 

You will need:

3.5mm crochet hook

Cotton knitting yarns (dark and light green, dark and light yellow, natural, pale blue)

Fine dark embroidery cotton (for butterfly bodies and antennae)

Tapestry needle


Spray starch



hk = hook

rnd = round

st = stitch

ch = chain

dtr = double treble stitch

hdc = half double crochet stitch

sc = single crochet stitch

sl st = slip stitch

tr = treble stitch

dtr = double treble stitch

To start with…

Stalk (make 1):

Using green cotton yarn, crochet a simple chain 1.5m long. Make a loop with the tails of the cotton at both ends.

Leaves (make 14):64-65 CROCHET GARLAND.indd

Ch 5, dc in 2nd chain from hook, 1 hdc in next, 1 dc in next, work (2 hdc in last, ch 2, dc in second ch from hook, 2 hdc) in last ch. Working now on the opposite side of foundation ch, 1 dc in next, 1 hdc in next, dc in last. Fasten off with sl st in the first dc of rnd.


64-65 CROCHET GARLAND.inddPrimroses (make 11):

Ch 6, sl st into 1st ch to form a ring.
Round 1: Change colour, ch 1, 1 tr into next st, *2 tr into next st; repeat from * into next 4 sts, sl st into 1st st to complete round.
Round 2: Change colour, ch 1, *3 tr into next st, ch 1, sl st into next st, ch 1; repeat from * until 5 petals completed, 3 tr into next st, ch 1, sl st into next st, cutting the yarn to 5cm and pulling it all the way through.

Finish off all ends with a tapestry needle.



64-65 CROCHET GARLAND.inddButterflies (make 6):

Ch 4, sl st into 1st ch to make a ring.

Ch 4, work 3 dtr (double treble) into ring, ch 6, sl st into ring, ch 6, work 3 dtr into ring, ch 4, sl st into ring, ch 3, work 2 tr into ring, ch 4, sl st into ring, ch 4, work 2 tr into ring, ch 3, sl st into ring, cutting the yarn to 5cm and pulling it all the way through on the last sl st (image 3). Use a darning needle to stitch a body and antennae onto each butterfly with a length of the fine dark embroidery cotton.


…and finally…

spring garland finishing - jemima schlee

Finish off any remaining loose ends. Following the instructions on the can, starch and press your pieces with a hot iron. Lay your crochet chain out, and arrange your pieces along its length. Using a tapestry needle, attach all the pieces to the chain.