26 Jul

boho floral summer screen

…versatile for use both inside and outside, this screen project adds a wonderful splash of colour with its eclectic, clashing fabrics…

summer fabric screen 1 jemima schlee copy

photograph by Emma Sekhon

I picked up this four panelled screen at a car boot sale. The the best kind of screen for this project, it is fairly light and has a wooden frame. You need to remove the hinges and strip the panel frames down – removing and nails and staples – before starting this project. This can be quite time consuming and rather dusty, so is best done on a large dustsheet.

(beautiful illustrations by Kellie Black)

you will need:

4-panel wooden-framed screen

cotton fabrics – enough of each fabric to cover both sides of one panel

grosgrain ribbon – just narrower than the edges of your panels (in this case 18mm) x the circumference of all panels plus 20cm

copydex or fabric glue

staple gun and staples

eight 50mm x 28mm hinges



drill and fine drill bit

hammer and fine panel pins (optional)

step 1

Lay one panel of your screen flat on a strip of brown paper and draw around it and add an extra 5cm all round (image 1). Use this paper pattern to cut two pieces from each of your fabrics.

summer fabric screen 2

step 2

Using a staple gun, attach the centre of the top of your fabric to the centre top of one of the panels with three staples spaced about 3cm apart. Do the same at the bottom, pulling the fabric taught as you do so.

Do the same with the centres of the sides.

Working away from the centre of each
side methodically, and at the same time keeping the tension of the fabric taught, work outwards towards the corners of the frame stapling every 3–5cm until the panel is covered. Trim off any excess fabric with sharp scissors.

summer fabric screen 3

step 3

Turn the panel over and repeat steps 1 – 4 with the matching piece of fabric. Cover the remaining panels in the same way.

summer fabric screen 4

step 4
Using Copydex and starting at the centre bottom of each panel, glue your ribbon around all four edges.

summer fabric screen 5

step 5

Lay two panels together and position your hinges. You may want to drill pilot holes for the screws before fixing on the hinges. Make sure the hinges are positioned to create a zig zag fold in the screen when it is opened out.

summer fabric screen 6 summer fabric screen 7


If you have a concave bend as with the top of this ‘serpentine’ screen, you may want to use very small panel pins or drawing pins to hold the ribbon in place whilst the glue dries.


fabrics: paisley jungle tangerine, millefiore tomato, paperweight pumpkin, asian circles chartreuse: www.fancymoon.co.uk

grosgrain ribbons: www.fantasticribbons.com