03 Apr

Easter Bunting

Making Magazine; March 2015 Edition; Hove flat, Brighton; 9th January 2015. © Pete Jones pete@pjproductions.co.uk

photograph by Emma Sekhon

…cheery floral spring bunting with soft fringed edges – a perfect project for using up scraps…

For 16 flags you will need:

25cm in each of four fabrics
7m – 8m of fringed/loop trim
7m of rope trim
pins & thread
sewing machine
sharp scissors


Cut two pattern pieces from the pattern template for each flag. Take one piece and first pin, then tack a length of trim along the two long, curved sides. Lay the loop trim down with the looped fringe facing inwards and make a careful tuck at the central bottom tip to avoid catching the loops in the seam.

bunting 1 jemima schlee


Place your piece from step 1 on top of your second piece, aligning the raw edges. Pin in position.

bunting 2 jemima schlee


Sew the long side seams, leaving the short top edge open. Use the tacking line from step1 as your stitching line for the side seams.


Turn your flag right side out and press with a hot iron. Topstitch along the two side seams a couple of millimetres to the fabric side of the seam. Trim the top edge to make the two sides of your flag even. repeat steps 1–4 to make all your flags.

bunting 3 jemima schlee


Decide the order you want your flags to be in and lay the first one along the centre of your rope trim, 30cm from one end. Zigzag stitch along its raw edges. Place the next one 10cm to 12cm further along and attach it to the rope trim with zigzag stitch. repeat with all your flags.

bunting 4 jemima schlee


Trim the far end of your rope trim to 30cm. Zigzag stitch back and forth along both raw ends to prevent fraying.

bunting 5 jemima schlee


Fold the top of the rope trim over to cover and encase the zig-zagged top raw edge of the first flag. Starting a couple of centimetres before the flag, sew in straight stitch along the centre of the folded trim. Work all the way along the length of your bunting, folding the rope trim over as you go.

bunting 6 jemima schlee

Reverse stitch at the beginning and end for extra strength.