18 Jun


hammock 1 jemima schleehammock 2 jemima schlee

photographs Emma Sekhon

…make yourself a colourful hammock for lazy days in the summer sunshine…


You will need:

2.5m of fabric A

2.5m of fabric B

10m of 10mm rope

2 stainless steel rings

30 beads


Measuring tape

Sewing machine





First, make your bunting trim. Cut 30 pieces of bunting from each of fabrics A and B (60 in all) using the template.

Make your bunting by placing one piece of fabric A right to one piece of fabric B right sides together and stitch a seam 5mm from the raw edges by machine, leaving the short top edge open.

hammock photo 1


Turn the right way out and press with a hot iron. Top stitch 2mm from the edge by machine.

hammock photo 2


Cut two rectangles, one from fabric A and one from fabric B, 1m x 2.5m in size. Lay fabric A out on a table or floor, right side up.

Find the centre of one of the long sides by folding the rectangle in half and opening it out again. Centre one piece of bunting at this point with fabric A facing you.

hammock photo 3


Pin seven pieces of bunting along the edge of your hammock, either side of this central piece, measuring a 5cm gap between each piece. Stitch the bunting in place 1cm in from the raw edges.

Repeat step 4 on the opposite long edge of fabric A. Now lay your rectangle of fabric B over the top right side down (so that the bunting is sandwiched between the two sides of your hammock). Stitch a 1cm seam along both sides by machine.

Turn your hammock right side out, press the edges with a hot iron and pin or tack before top-stitching twice by machine 1cm and 2cm from the edge.

 hammock photo 4


Trim the fabric at both short ends to level up your edges. Fold both edges in 2cm and again 7cm. Top stitch with three rows of stitching, reinforcing by backstitching several times at both ends.

 hammock photo 5


Stitch beads onto the tips of each bunting flag with coordinating thread. 
 Cut a 140cm length from your rope. Thread it through one of the hammock channels and tie a tight knot. Reposition the knot by pulling the rope through the channel, so that it is hidden inside the fabric.

hammock photo 7


Repeat with the other end of the hammock. Loop a stainless steel ring to each end.

hammock photo 8


Cut your remaining rope in half and loop onto each ring.

 hammock photo 9


Now hang your hammock and take a well-earned rest in it! Ideally your hammock will hang between trees five paces apart.

hammock 3 jemima schleehammock 5 jemima schlee

Machine or hand embroider the knot best used for hanging onto a fabric label as a reminder for tying your hammock safely.Use the same knot as before to attach your ropes.

hammock photo 10


Ideally, your hammock should measure 60cm longer than the tallest person using it.

Your rope should have twice the working load of the heaviest user (ask advice when buying).



Fabrics (Zosa 120128 in biscuit, ruby, peony, zest & Irma 120113 in berry, violet, aqua, lime): www.harlequin.uk.com

Beads: www.beadsunlimited.co.uk

Stainless steel rings and rope (10mm Maffioli classic rope): www.sussexyachts.co.uk