28 Feb

dip-dyed silk scarves

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…create your own beautiful dip-dyed silk scarves in an array of different colours…

you will need:

Two plastic buckets/bowls Plastic gloves
Silk, dye and salt

Silk: www.online-fabrics.co.uk

Dye: www.dylon.co.uk


Cut your silk into four equal strips. Stitch small teams along both long sides by machine: fold the raw edges over by 5mm, and then by 5mm again before pinning or tacking and stitching along them. NB: make sure you use 100% cotton sewing thread to ensure that it takes the dye at step 4.


Run through a wash cycle without using fabric softener. Stretch flat whilst damp.


Mix up two dyes following the instructions of the packaging, setting the two containers close to each other on a work surface. You may find that the silk takes the dye better when still damp – it’s worth trying out a scrap of dry and a scrap of wet fabric firstby dipping them in the liquid and observing the way the colour spreads.


Submerge one end of the scarf in each of the pots of dye. Shift the central section of the scarf from one dye to the other every ten minutes or so, to merge the two colours.


When the hour is up, rinse and wash your scarf following the instructions on the dye packet.