11 Feb

The perfect winter gift… a kindling box…

kindling box_1-1

… don’t get caught unprepared when the nights draw in. make your own kindling and spills with tightly folded newspaper and tissue paper …

This really is the sort of present I’d just LOVE to receive. 

A wine box, wood kindling, newspaper twisted and folded to make efficient fire starers… the evening you stole down with nothing to get a fire going is miserable… this is really just the best box o’ tricks to have to hand.

31 May

Box bunting favours



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is box-bunting-jemima-schlee-5.jpg
photographs Emma Sekhon

…a different twist to bunting – make cardboard boxes and fill them with sweets at summer parties and celebrations …

You will need:

Assorted A4 patterned 240gsm card

(check that your printer will take this weight if you are printing the template directly onto the card)

Scalpel or scissors

Double sided tape

Bone folder (optional)


Tape, string or ribbon for hanging


Photocopy the template onto the reverse/plain side of your patterned card.

Using a scalpel and working on a cutting mat cut along the blue lines of the template.

box bunting 5 jemima schlee


With a ruler and a bone folder or the handle of your scalpel, on the reverse/ plain side of the card, score along the orange lines of the template.

box bunting 6 jemima schlee


Apply double-sided tape to the shaded area A on the reverse/plain side of the card and trim flush to the edges. Peel off the backing tape and, using your card off-cuts, stick a contrasting patterned card on this area.

box bunting 7 jemima schlee


Trim flush with the edges.

Apply double-sided tape to the shaded areas B and C of the template on the patterned side of the card and trim flush to the edges.

 box bunting 8 jemima schlee


Punch a hole with your hole-punch in the centre of flap A.

 box bunting 9 jemima schlee


Peel off the two remaining strips of tape backing and assemble your box bunting (B to B, C to C).

Thread your box bunting onto tape or ribbon through the punched holes.

box bunting 10 jemima schlee


When scoring your card, run the bone folder (or the handle of your scalpel) along the edge of a ruler several times – be careful not to cut yourself with the blade. Retaining the position of the ruler, slip the bone folder or blade handle under the card and gently push the card up against the edge of the ruler to create a sharp crease.


Card: www.craftcreations.com

Bone folder: this is a bookbinding tool used for scoring and folding, available from www.payperbox.co.uk

25 Mar

Easter branch decorations

43-44 EASTER BRANCH.indd

43-44 EASTER BRANCH.indd

photographs by Emma Sekhon

… make a beautiful Easter themed wall decoration …

you will need:

A selection of card or wrapping paper

Scallop-edged craft scissors
Glue stick

Access to a printer

Darning needle and sewing thread



Print the outline template for the hare, chicken, egg and bluebird onto the back of assorted coloured card and/or wrapping paper.


Print the primrose and cherry blossom artwork onto white card stock.


For hares and bluebirds: With a darning needle and sewing cotton, thread through the shapes where indicated on the template and tie the two loose ends in a simple knot.

easter decorations photo 1


For eggs: Cut around using craft scissors, then thread as for the hares and bluebirds.

easter decorations photo 2


For hens: Cut a length of sewing thread 25cm long and fold in half. Spread glue on one side of one of the small eggs, stick another egg to it, sandwiching the thread in between them 3cm from the ends of the threads.


Spread glue on one side of a hen piece, lay the egg and thread across it before placing another hen on top. Press hen pieces together around all edges. When dry, cut of the extra threads extending below the hen.

easter decorations photo 3


For the primroses and cherry blossoms: Cut out and fold each piece along its central axis.


Glue three pieces together to create each blossom. If they are a bit askew, carefully trim edges flush after gluing. Thread as for hares and eggs.

easter decorations photo 4

easter decorations photo 5

43-44 EASTER BRANCH.indd